Custom Blinky Beads

Talk about a fabulous, attention-grabbing promotional item. Or a fun and memorable incentive or goodie-bag item. Or a great enhancement to a line of merchandise featuring recognizable icons or licensed characters.

A custom Blinky is the ultimate attention-grabbing necklace—and an awesome souvenir!

We'll transform your mascot, emblem, logo or other design into a three-dimensional light-up figure for placement around a 38- or 42-inch beaded necklace. Take it over the top in deluxe fashion by adding a custom medallion. (Alternatively, we can add a custom medallion to an existing Blinky design.

Visible at night from a distance of three city blocks, Blinkys Beads™ have an on/off switch and are powered by replaceable "button cell" batteries, which last approximately 15 hours and cost just $1.50 (for two sets of two) when ordered via

A microcircuit controls the flashing pattern generated by light-emitting diodes (LEDs), which are housed within faceted beads or specially molded figures and strung in between bundles of colorful metallic beads and/or faux pearls. The circuitry and batteries are contained within a small module that rests comfortably against the back of the neck.

The patented technology behind Blinky Beads™ creates excitement and puts a smile on the faces of young and old alike—guaranteed!

As the exclusive customization agent for Blinky Beads™, Beads by the Dozen’s services include:

  • Customized figures (imprinted flags, 3-D logos/mascots) for placement around the necklace. 3-D figures can incorporate LEDs. Alternatively, customized non-illuminated figures can be positioned in between light-up beads.
  • Medallion pendants featuring logos, insignias and other designs. Supply your own artwork or let our experienced design team—who've created customized medallions for some of the largest companies in the United States—work some magic for you.
  • Production options include screen printing, foil embossing, metalizing and polystone (ceramic) and plastic molding.
  • Customizing the colors of the beads and/or light-up bulbs of an existing design, at no extra charge (minimum quantity: 72).

Please note that all 3-D medallions and custom light-up figures require the casting of a mold. If the client supplies the artwork—it can be up to six colors—the mold charge for a polystone medallion is $150. For a plastic medallion or light-up figure, the mold charge is $1500. Please allow 8 to 12 weeks from approval of artwork to delivery of product.