Mardi Gras Krewe

Mardi Gras Krewes

Below are some of the krewes that Beads by the Dozen is honored to provide services for. They are what makes Mardi Gras "The Greatest Free Show on Earth".


The Krewe of Endymion has become one of the most recognized parading organizations. From having the largest floats ever assembled, the theme "Throw until it hurts", and guest celebrities as the Grand Marshal, this krewe is sure to provide a fun filled day of entertainment.


The Krewe of Muses is the only all female organization that consists of over 1100 members. By incorporating inspirations from local communities into their Mardi Gras themes, Muses allows the audience to play a significant role in their celebration each year.


The Krewe of Orpheus never fails to enliven and inspire an already excited group of parade-goers. On the night before Mardi Gras, Lundi Gras, they get to showcase their beautiful and awe-inspiring floats of floral and mythical themes.


Tucks was originally founded in 1969 by Loyola students who named their club from the well-known bar Friar Tucks. What once began as a procession of pick-up trucks has now grown to a grand specticle, never losing their sense of humor.


The Krewe of Mid-City first rolled in 1934 and is the 5th oldest parading organization. With the theme "Pour La Joie De Livre" translated as "For The Joy Of Living", Mid-city has catered to entertaining both the young and the young at heart for years.


The Krewe of Gambrinus, named after the patron saint of brewing, opened the parade scene with a big bang in 1989. Fireworks were set off towards the end of the route to end the first "Gambrinus Lights Up The Night" show.


Gasparilla was first held in 1904, commemorating the greedyand adventurous pirate Jose Gaspar, who called himself “Gasparilla”. It takes place in Tampa, Florida with events and parades on both land and sea.

Fantasy Fest

Fantasy Fest, which started because of the off-season in Key West, Florida, has become such a huge success with locals and tourists alike. The ten day festival includes live music, contests, costume competitions, themed parties and much more.

Irish Italian

The Louisiana Irish Italian Parade, which began in 1983, grew out of the love and appreciation of irishman Eddie Renton Sr. He wanted a venue where friends and family could get together in celebration of their heritages and so the celebration continues today.


The Krewe of Caesar, being the first superkrewe of Jefferson, always excites locals. Full of elaborate royal costumes, and bright fun themes, the businessmen and professionals from Jefferson Parish sure know how to “throw” a party.