Custom Specialties are OUR Specialty!

These days, countless suppliers of promotional or so-called "ad specialty" products offer to "customize" everything from computer mouse pads and baseball caps to coffee mugs and golf bags. But what if you’re looking to create something truly unique and special? Not a mere tchotchke but something festive and commemorative? Something collectible?

Then you’ve definitely found the right place! At Beads by the Dozen, our design and manufacturing capabilities extend well beyond the usual imprinting services offered by suppliers of promotional products. Especially when it comes to creating custom-molded figures—which can adorn necklaces, bracelets and key chains, as well as be incorporated into paperweights, picture frames and snow globes—we set the standard.

Other custom specialties we produce range from the practical (tote bags, umbrellas and cups) to the whimsical (plush and vinyl toys) and the elegant (cast medals and lustrous cloisonné stones). Clients can provide their own artwork or tap our experienced in-house design team.

We invite you to browse our catalog. You may be surprised at where the expertise we initially developed customizing specialty items for a creative, demanding and highly competitive group of constituents—Mardi Gras kr ewes—has led us.

Custom Bead Necklaces

Thanks to improvements in design and production processes, which have made it possible to transform ever more imaginative flights of fancy into reality, certain beads featuring insignias, themes and mascots have become highly collectible. A well-executed design can thus create a lasting identification between a business or organization and its constituents. And as many event and party planners have come to recognize, custom necklaces—festive in appearance and highly noticeable when worn—serve to memorialize special occasions while also promoting fun and conviviality.

Whether you provide your own artwork or tap our in-house design capability, our experienced team is ready to help you explore a full range of options including plastic and polystone medallions and figurines, screen-printed disk medallions and light-up Blinky Beads™.

Click here to explore the many exciting options for custom beads and to learn more about the process of having your own ideas transformed into a fabulous custom Mardi Gras style beaded necklace.

Bags & Umbrellas

It's like a walking advertisement for your business.

Custom plastic tote bags, with handles and a zipper, are not only durable but versatile—great for Mardi Gras throws, laundry, a trip beach or for filling with promotional goodies. Tote bags can be created in any size you need.

Beads by the Dozen has a large selection of customizable bag and backpack styles to choose from - including nylon drawstring bags, drawstring backpacks, carrying cases and many more.

Be sure to view our sample galleries for a little inspiration.

Select from the menu below to explore the many style and options for custom bags, totes and umbrellas and to learn more about the process of having your own ideas transformed into one of these practical and popular promotional items.

Cloisonné Designs

Dazzling to the eye, cloisonnés (pronounced CLOY-zen-nays) is french for “cloison” or “cell.” A technique in which metal wires are bent to form a design; enamel is then inlaid into the resulting “cloisons.”

Cloisonné art pieces feature decorative, sharply defined enamel work and are highly collectible.

Ideal for mementos, awards and favors, they can be used as pendants—strung on a chain or ribbon, to be worn around the neck—or incorporated into medals, key chains, bottle openers, letter openers and pin ribbons.

There are many exciting options for custom cloisonné designs. Contact our creative team to learn more about the process of having your own ideas transformed into a beautiful cloisonné design.

Cups & Drinkware

Custom cups and drinkware make for great promotional items and premiums as people tend to save and re-use them over and over again – increasing brand awareness and visibility.

Custom drinkware is also a fabulous give-away item for bars and clubs, wedding receptions, parades or any theme event serving drinks.

Beads by the Dozen can customize just about any kind of drinkware imaginable from plastic cups, insulated "on the run" cups to champagne flutes.

Visit our sample galleries for sample styles and for a little design inpiration.

Click here to explore the many options for custom drinkware and to learn more about the design and manufacturing process.

Commemorative Coins, Doubloons & Wooden Nickels

Metallic Doubloons

Rex, the prestigious New Orleans Mardi Gras organization, initiated a new tradition in 1960, when members tossed specially struck aluminum coins to spectators during their annual Fat Tuesday procession. Since then, amusement parks, restaurants, bars—even churches—have taken to minting doubloons, for use as keepsakes or pseudo currency that can be redeemed—for a ride, say, or a free drink.

Cast-Metal Commemorative Coins

Struck to exacting specifications, these keepsake-quality coins, which can be incorporated into key chains, feature raised-relief designs that can include lettering, logos/emblems and portraiture (i.e., busts or faces). Also available as pendants with cast loops, for stringing on chains or ribbons.

Wooden Nickels

An old-fashioned but nonetheless effective communications medium. Think Mardi Gras throws, event admits, promotional offers, etc

Polystone Designs

Polystone is a ceramic-type material that adapts beautifully to designs rendered in three dimensions. Custom-molded polystone figures can adorn necklaces, bracelets and key chains, as well as be incorporated into paperweights, picture frames, snow globes and Christmas ornaments. Because of their heft and lustrous appearance, polystones have a keepsake quality-yet are surprisingly affordable, even when ordered in small quantities.

Plush Dolls & Toys

Does your business or organization have a mascot? Do you have an idea for the next blockbuster toy or need a great trade show giveaway?

Whether you need a a high retail item or a cost effective promotional premium, Beads by the Dozen can manufacture and deliver safe, quality toys, dolls, plush items or just about anything you can imagine.

We can take most any design and transform it into an inflatable or plastic toy, or vinyl or plush doll—emblazoned with an embroidered or screen-printed logo or crest.

We also customize footballs, tambourines, frisbees, “bobbin’ head” dolls and clappers, just to name a few.

We Can do it ALL!

Beads by the Dozen is your one stop source for all your promotional product, corporate gift, ad specialty, premiums and tradeshow give-away's.

What makes Beads by the Dozen stand out? Creativity, service and price! In addition, most promotional and premium dealers carry the same advertising specialties. At Beads by the Dozen, we offer imaginative solutions which are specially tailored to meet our customers needs.

Best of all, Beads by the Dozen offers low pricing that our competitors, simply, cannot match.

In addition to the products featured on this website, we carry and create hundreds of other items and products. If you don't see what you're looking for, just ask. We know we can help.

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