Custom Mardi Gras Bead Styles

Thanks to improvements in design and production processes, which have made it possible to transform ever more imaginative flights of fancy into reality, certain beads featuring insignias, themes and mascots have become highly collectible. A well-executed design can thus create a lasting identification between a business or organization and its constituents. And as many event and party planners have come to recognize, custom necklaces—festive in appearance and highly noticeable when worn—serve to memorialize special occasions while also promoting fun and conviviality.

Beads are a natural for increasing brand awareness because they create excitement and invite audience participation. As anyone who has experienced Mardi Gras in New Orleans can attest, beads and other so-called "throws" transform parades into an interactive experience -- facilitating thrilling, if fleeting, connections between strangers. Spectators beg, negotiate and scramble for treasure, while parade participants get to play Santa Claus

Whether you provide your own artwork or tap our in-house design capability, our experienced team is ready to help you explore a full range of options including plastic and polystone medallions and figurines, screen-printed disk medallions and light-up Blinky Beads™.

Follows is a list and brief description of the various bead styles that are available. Be sure to visit our sample galleries to view some of the designs we have created for our customers. Do not hesitate to contact our helpful staff with your questions.